SawandPour is a unique jewellery brand – inspired by ramen. The premise behind the brand design for SawandPour was to communicate the brands unique inspiration, ramen, in a way that felt natural and cohesive. The main strategic channel for sawandpour was Instagram, so we focused efforts to make a visual world for instagram that combined pictures of food, culture, graphic design and jewellery. By creating this ‘melting pot’ of images and using phrasing like ‘The More Far Reaching Your Inspiration, The More Depth You Add To Your Flavor’, we managed to create a logic and sense of story.

Client: SawandPour

Type: Brand, Social Media and Visual Strategy

Client Location: Leeds, UK

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“The more far reaching your inspiration, the more depth you add to your flavor.”

“Food is the foundation of nearly every culture. Food is where people come together, share ideas, share stories, share noodles.”

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